Holy mod-aroni Batman, you're in GTA5!

Modder JulioNIB has something of a thing for putting superheroes into Grand Theft Auto V. Over recent years the Brazilian modder has released mods allowing players to run around as Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, Thanos, Magneto, Ghost Rider, the Flash... whew! It's kind of amazing it took him this long to get around to Batman, but the specifics of this make it easily his most ambitious work yet.

It is also hilarious in action. Take that Supes!

The final pre-release version of JulioNIB's Batman mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for his patrons (thanks, DSOGaming), and will shortly be released to the public. It adds a bunch of bat-gadgets, a radial bat-menu for selecting them, a bat signal, a batwing, the ability to use the bat-grapple, and the bat-glide while descending from on-high.

Particularly notable about this mod is that it features some custom attack animations for the dark knight, something that's new for JulioNIB's mods. There's also a lot of 'inspiration' taken from Rocksteady's realisation of the character with things like the gliding and cape-assisted landing: Even if, naturally, this is much more rough around the edges.

JulioNIB's posted a video of himself playing through the mod and this thing is super-impressive. The below video starts some way in where he's showing off the bat-signal and batwing, but watching the whole thing shows all sorts of cool features, like exploding batarangs controlled in first-person.

I've contacted JulioNIB to ask about an ETA for the public release of the finished mod, and will update with any response. If you can't wait to glide around Liberty City as Gotham's premier playboy, however, you could always chuck him a few quid on Patreon and get access now.