Best gaming PC deals ahead of the holidays

The low prices of Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be over, but that doesn't mean there's no value in buying a gaming PC this side of New Year's Day. If you're in a pickle trying to pick up a PC for someone special, or just looking to treat yourself (hey, you deserve it), these are the best gaming PC deals I could uncover this December.

It must be said that the top savings of yestermonth are gone, and I'm seeing prices pretty much return to normality (which is to say very expensive). Yet from my perusing of the web and scouring of the servers, I've managed to find a few 'extended' Black Friday deals and savings here or there—if you're really in a pinch then at least there's something in it for you.

Whether you're saving tons of cash on the best gaming PC today or not, a pre-built machine is still something of an olive branch in these silicon starved times. Graphics cards are all too tough to find at reasonable prices, and unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be ending anytime soon. That's a big reason why we're so keen on digging on decent deals on gaming PCs today: it's not impossible to find a graphics card at something near what you'd expect to pay for it—if you want tips on where to buy a graphics card we have those too—though a pre-built machine offers some way of guaranteeing a delivery date at a reasonable price.

There's plenty of variance in when a pre-built PC will arrive at your door after ordering, however. The ABS Master gaming PC I've spotted over at Newegg appears to be ready to go almost immediately, but we've also found plenty with delivery dates into January.

So with all that in mind, let's get into the gaming PCs I've found across the web today that might just be worth your time. Some at a discount, others simply a gaming PC we recommend already with some freebies chucked in.

As you can see, while a little slim pickings, all hope is not lost for a gaming PC with a moderate discount today. And you don't have to settle for a last-gen graphics card all the time, even though it may seem that way and with some budgets.

If you're not in such a rush to get your machine through the door, you could wait until CES 2022 to see what goodies that has in store for all of us. Usually, this is a more laptop and monitor centric show than desktop for PC gamers, but worth checking out if you're in the market for new technological wares.